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Western Pleasure

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Been a long time since an update, I had the pleasure to teach an Introduction to 2D Design studio class this spring.  Developing a curriculum based on my pedagogical studies at Arizona State University was extremely time-consuming.  However, the 2/3 of the students that stuck through the 10 week course really made incredible advancements both in their craft skills as well as their basic appreciation and understanding of design elements and principles.  I was really blown away with some of their work by the end.

At one point in the quarter, we tackled the element of color with watercolors.  I feel watercolor is far more forgiving and flexible than acrylic, though you have to think about how colors mix in a very different way.  Anyhow, the students did surprisingly well even with my modest personal knowledge of the medium.

Inspired by my students’ experience, as well as needing to provide some work for a show in Helena MT (Horsing Around, curated by Marco Rosichelli), I created a three piece series, Western Pleasure.  It is dedicated to all the middle-aged, single women that have chosen to devote their free time and love to horses.

Western Pleasure

Western Pleasure

The premise of Marco’s show Horsing Around is a response to all the horse art he has encountered in range country.  He invited pieces that were playful but NOT the standard western/country/horse art that is prevalent throughout western US galleries.

My pieces refer to a style of riding competition.  From “The western pleasure horse must, above all, look like it is a pleasure to ride.”

"Painted Horse"

"Quarter Horse"


The show runs through mid-July.