Responses from the Real World

I sent the plush elephant drawing Oh Bother to Sharon Pincott, a naturalist, photographer, and writer that does a lot of work with elephants in Africa.  The video I posted above is hers.  She wrote me back a wonderful note:

Hi Arius,
Your elephant image is really touching. Captioned with something like "Please don't kill or maim me by setting wire snares" it could be a really powerful wildlife conservation message.
With best wishes,
Sharon and the Hwange Estate elephants

Thanks for the response, Sharon, and best of luck with your writing for Getaway magazine and your work with these majestic organisms!

Dr. Phillip Willink of the Field Museum, wadin' around

I also emailed my invasive species drawing Genghis Kharp to Dr. Phillip Willink of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.  He responded thusly:

Hello Arius,
That is a great picture of an Asian carp! Excellent. I hope it was well received at the art exhibition. Surely people enjoyed it.
And thank you for your interest in this topic. It is very complicated, with scientific, biological, political, social, etc. aspects to it. Then again, Asian carp are just the tip of the iceberg. Some of us have been involved with Great Lakes' invasive species for years, and will continue to battle them for years to come.
Thank you for your email,

This is part of the thrill of making art about science.  There are so many gifted people working hard on the problems and issues and research, being able to send them something to acknowledge and celebrate their hard work is a real treat. They are champions, and I'm a damned cartoonist.  It's very affirming to be able to connect with them.

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