Indian Prairie Library Murals

I had the incredible opportunity to whip up some drawings to decorate my local library.  It is undergoing a remodel/renovation, and as a result there are a bunch of blank drywall panels blocking off the areas being worked on.

I came up with a series of ten sketches representing book genres that the library has.  Five were chosen, and I projected the sketches onto the wall and did some basic inking with sharpies.

Its super-basic, but I think they look pretty good for a ten hour project.  The library’s been getting lots of positive feedback, though everyone is itching to see them more developed.  On the other hand, it’s temporary drywall, to be discarded in a few months.

Come on down to Indian Prairie Public Library in Darien to take a look.  They’re kinda neat!

Superthanks to Dave Bunn for compiling the video!

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