The New Direction

After much consultation with friends and colleagues, I have set upon a new course.  The plan is to do a dozen or so drawings, get them mounted on bamboo panels, and then go to stores and cafes with the pile and get them hanging.

Having training in drawing, printmaking, and digital media, I have to wonder how I want to tackle the idea of these drawings… they are drawn digitally, and thus can be reprinted without limit.  I can assign them edition numbers like they were prints.

On the other hand, as drawings, part of me wants each of them to be unique objects, individual thoughts made manifest and sent out as little tangible ideas, objects that tell a tiny story.

Perhaps there is a middle road, where I make multiples as needed, but change the content in some way to ensure the print itself is unique… perhaps something as simple as changing the hues from color to color.

The first piece is about a nearly extinct galapagos tortoise getting it on. Entitled “Post-Coital”Post-Coital

And the other is an image of the aquatic Celt of the Northern Pacific, the Red Irish Lord, entitled “O’ Sculpin.”


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  1. Nathan says:

    I like the new direction. It’s much more polished than your other work. Getting limited Lithos printed might be nice, but expensive. Although this seems to be very computer based, have you looked into Copic markers? They’re pretty great. My other thought would be collections (ala kaboom) or post cards or collections of postcards. If I haven’t already recommended him Check out James Jean’s ‘kindling’ at He walks that tightrope of traditional-digital-illustration-fine art.

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