Creatures Among Us

If you’re living in the west burbs of Chicago, you may wanna drop into the Oak Park Art League gallery to see their current exhibition, Creatures Among Us.  It is an animal-themed show that was open to anyone, and on the opening reception they revealed both juried awards as well as a People’s Choice.  I sadly missed the reception and haven’t seen it hung yet, but I plan to in the next weekend or so.  The show runs until March 5th.

I submitted some older pieces as well as a new drawing, “Bare,” inspired by the mysterious fur-loss of some Andean spectacled bears at a zoo in Leipzig, Germany.


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2 Responses to “Creatures Among Us”

  1. HOW DARE YOU! says:

    I guess this means you support Zoos and Germans, and other facilities that cage animals and deprive them of life in the wild. HOW DARE YOU! Also, my Mother was a Bear…

  2. Arius says:

    Hey now, I have a friend who married a German bear…

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