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Monsters in Detroit

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Should any of you find yourselves in the ruins of Detroit this July, I’d be honored for you to duck in and see Genghis Kharp relaxing with a host of other monsters.

From Detroit.Work’s press release:

Creative makers and thinkers respond to the question

“What is a monster?”

What makes a monster? Does a monster have to have sharp teeth and multiple eyes? Can a monster’s sole evil exist in its ability to cheat people out of their life’s savings or, to use military force to bully or even kill them? Is a litterbug a monster?

Children draw monsters based on their own sets of fears and beliefs which may or may not wane as they grow older. Culture, science and religion have created and supported various definitions over the centuries. Hollywood has packaged, presented and championed all the cliche and kitsch manifestations and, a new intrusive media machine with ever shrinking boundaries gives a frightening view of the everyday monster next door, capable of inconceivable horror. All this being said, is it possible for “good” monsters to exist, say a monster who opposes and battles more evil monsters (i.e. a “dirty” cop?)

Alex Friend / Arius Elvikis / Bernie Brooks / Catherine Peet / Christopher Cannon / Crista Broughton / Dennis Summers / Daniel Swan / Dave Fischer / Eleanor Rubin / Finn McMillan Schudlich / Gabriella Boros / Heath Durren / Jesse Kassel / Joe Gohl / Joe Levickas / Micki Buksar / Paula Matney / Endi Poskovic / Elvin Poskovic / Stephen William Schudlich /Stephen Thomas / Tony Baker / William Atkins / William Meese / Robert Darabos / William Singer / M.Morgan Eagleton Cullen Stephenson / Zach K. Hewitt Eugene-Carland, PPC / Andy Gabrysiak / Stacey Malasky / Adam Skutt / Melissa Dettloff & Ryan Groendyk / Michael Reid /Justine Sanborn / Tim Jenkins  Matthew Lachowski  / Ethan Swan / Natalie Fedirko / Deborah Marlowe Kashdan

images clockwise from top / Bernie Brooks, Catherine Peet, Tony Baker