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Another fish already?!

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Well I’ll be durned, more new work!

Though I haven’t been making these as quickly as I liked, they will be made even less quickly this summer as I juggle two jobs: summer camp counselor at the zoo and graphic artist at the library.  Gonna be around 50 hours a week… whoowhee. Lotsa creative juice being spent at my jobs, not sure how much will be left for art…

Apparently butterflies don’t suck fluids through their long spiraling proboscises. The amount of pressure it would take to draw fluid through such a narrow tube would likely make the critter’s head implode.  Instead, fluid is drawn up through a proboscis with simple capillary action, just like a paper towel.

Capillary Action

In this piece I address the monstrously invasive Silver Carp from Asia and its potential to utterly conquer and proliferate across the Great Lakes.   Their route of attack is the Mississippi!

Genghis Kharp