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Octopus’ Car and Home

Monday, December 14th, 2009

The veined octopus will wrap itself around a coconut half and use its structure to prop itself up on the tips of its tentacles, and then runs away to make it his home.  Another example of octopus tool use! The other famous example is the male blanket octopus which wields jellyfish stingers as defensive weapons.

Take a look at BBC to find out more about the octopus and his coconut!

Thanks for the scoop, Rim.

Compassionate Parrot?

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

I wouldn’t usually share a silly internet vid on my professional blog, but this particular one directly relates to my animated lecture “Tale of King Sapiens

Lookit that! A parrot is very deliberately gently petting the cat!  It’s possible this is simply mimicry, but there’s an undeniable quality of affection that hints at the depths of a parrot’s cognitive capacity, and perhaps its spirit. But, again, it is very easy for us humans to anthropomorphize the actions of pets and see more than there really is.

In any case, incredible.